The Dictionary

A quick-fire guide to cybersound-speak

Audio slideshow

Pictures appear up on screen in a slideshow style often with text interspersed, with audio running in the background as narration or accompanying music.

Digital audio extraction

Copying audio or video content to a hard disc, confusingly enough without damaging the original data. Also known as “ripping” (see below).

IP Multicast

Internet Provider multicast – “Internet Protocol Multicast” – most common way of streaming audio and video online. “Multicast” means sending out info over a computer network from a single source in a single transmission form, which arrives at lots of destinations at the same time or at a group destination. The IP just means it’s specifically internet.


“Multicast backbone” – first ever system to allow lots of broadcasts at the same time, and no longer requires specialised hardware as it did in the 1990s.


Aka MPEG-1, MPEC-2 or Audio Layer 3: audio storage system for music on digital audio players, designed by Moving Picture Experts Group.


STANDARDS of audio and video encoding agreed on by Moving Pictures Experts Group.


Downloadable online audio file from online, which you can put onto “a remote device” – though to avoid product placement it is sometimes known as a “netcast”. We wouldn’t want to mention that pod now would we…

Replay AV

Designed by Applian Technologies in San Fransisco, California, in 2001. A system which can record audio online and copy it onto a computer’s hard disc.


See “digital audio extraction”


“Simultaneous broadcast” – broadcasts over more than one medium at the same time or more than one service in the same medium, e.g. on TV and radio at the same time.


As opposed to downloading a whole file, with streaming multimedia (e.g. audio) is received in a constant stream from a source “streaming provider”.

Visual Radio

General term for adding visuals to audio broadcasts, e.g. the titles of songs or programmes and more recently pictures. As a brand name it is owned by Nokia, referring to their phones which are equipped with FM radio.


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