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Caught in the act

This is a YouTube video oculisinc sent me on Twitter. It is of someone being caught at work watching the Royal Wedding. If only they’d been listening instead and then they could multi-task and be working at the same time! Advertisements

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Linkedin for online audio journalism

Do you want to share ideas with other people interested in audio journalism? Do you have an issue with an audio topic? Linkedin has the group for you

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Storing your favourite slideshows

I’ve just found this really useful tool on where you can store “clippings” of articles, videos and audio slideshows in an album of the things you like on the site. I guess it’s a bit like book-marking sites (Delicious, … Continue reading

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Just been playing around on It’s a good website for streaming all sorts of podcasts, but can be just a little overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re looking for. It’s also an American site so lots of US news, … Continue reading

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The Solar System Music Box

On a rainy Wednesday in February, with a tower of deadlines shuddering over your head, this is just the thing you need to shift your brain out of stress gear and into zenny, harmony-of-the-universe thoughts. For a solar system music … Continue reading

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Erm, did I hear that right?? Immortalising sound bites

James Naughtie landed himself a YouTube favourite after accidentally swearing on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme yesterday morning. Naughtie Introduced Jeremy Hunt, culture secretary, as Jeremy Cunt, before giggling through the rest of the news bulletin, under the pretence of a … Continue reading

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The written word v the spoken word

When it comes down to it, what actually appeals more to people: Something they can read, or something they can listen to? To provide an example of this, have a look at these two blogs: 1. Cynical Journalist, created by … Continue reading

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