A great little app – iTalk and Karen Buck’s faux pas

Maybe I should get a fee for this plug...

No, I’m not being paid to advertise this. I genuinely, genuinely think I’ve stumbled upon a great free recording app that all journalists should know about.

I found iTalk by literally searching for “free voice recording” on my iPhone, after my ridiculously budget, battery-powered, non-plug-in-able dictaphone kept packing up on me at the most inconvenient of moments.

It’s essentially a dictaphone hidden in your phone.

The first time it saved my bacon was when my dictaphone packed in at a public meeting at Andover Estate on 12 March.

Coincidentally, it was at this meeting that MP Karen Buck made some fairly forthright comments suggesting “the Tories want Muslims out of London”.

Thanks to that little app, my colleague Joe Dyke and I could get the news out to the Independent – see the article here.

Now I have discovered that I can download another piece of software – iTalk sync – onto my computer, and share this quote with you online.

You need iTalk on your phone first, then visit the iTalk website, sign up, then download iTalk Sync onto your computer. Then link your iPhone up a WiFi network (probably the one your computer is on), make sure iTalk is switched on on your phone, and away you go!

It downloads it as an AIFF , so I tinkered with Audacity to select Ms Buck MP’s punchiest quote. Unfortunately youconvertit.com couldn’t cope with a file this size to make it an MP3, so I downloaded FoxTab, which was really fast and efficient – highly recommended.

So here we go – thanks to iTalk and a spot of tinkering – Karen Buck slates the Tories.

And on another plug for iTalk – depending on your moral stance towards secret taps and recordings – it could be a useful little device for  undercover recording…

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