Trial and Error

When I started up my personal blog in September, I called it Trial and Error. It seemed fitting, since I literally was trying out anything and everything to try to find out what area of journalism was going to tick all the boxes for me. And more importantly, what bit I was best at.

There have been tricky decisions along the way – not least which dictaphone to get. I bought on which claimed to effectively transcribe itself using ‘Dragon’ software. On closer inspection in transpired that it needed to be ‘trained’ to my voice and would only transcribe that one voice. Good for a ‘note-to-self’, not so good for an interview.

So I returned it and the search continued. Did I need large storage? USB connection? rechargeable battery? And which one would pick up sound most clearly?

It was a bit of a gamble and in the end my Dad made the decision for me. I opened it on Christmas day and had a play with it. I haven’t had a present that could be played with whilst the Turkey cooks in years. Mostly people give me money, clothes or make-up. So it was fun to have something besides Champagne to occupy me.

And here it is: The first recording on my first ever dictaphone. Hopefully one day I will look back as a successful journalist and ponder on how far I’ve come (hopefully!) And who knows what we’ll be using in 10 years time – perhaps they’ll be software that can accurately transcribe more than one voice!


About Laura

Small fish in a big pond, trying to accept life on life's terms 'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' - Christopher Columbus
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