Drunk woman throws up during alcohol awareness interview

Last week I interviewed 18-year-old Harrison McCormack for an issue feature about young people drinking. He suggested that we meet in a pub for the interview and so we did.

We decided to sit in the beer garden so as to maximise the sound quality for my dictaphone but were less than two minutes into the interview when we were joined outside by someone else.

What happened next is lost in print – have a listen, I couldn’t have timed it better if I tried.

Just as McCormack is describing his sensible attitude toward alcohol, the woman demonstrates the opposite…

This is made all the more powerful because it is audio – print wouldn’t capture it and video wouldn’t do it justice. Listening back the message and the irony is emphasised more still than when I was there.

I cropped the audio using Audacity, which is pretty straightforward to use but there are some good tips to get you going on the Teaching Journalism Online website.

Also worth noting that most files will need to be converted before they can be used on the programme. Mine began life as .WMA and I downloaded a converter from Jodix to make them readable as .MP3. After you have finished editing your audio you will need to export it (rather than save) so that it converts back into .WMA for the purposes of using outside of Audacity.

Happy editing!

What do you think?


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