Visualising audio for an alternative perspective

This is a visualisation of an interview I did with a guy called Joe who was diagnosed with leukemia aged 18. He talked to me about his experiences very openly and confidently but as you can see from the image he used a large number of fillers such as ‘like’ ‘just’ and ‘really’. (The bigger words are the ones that crop up most option).

I found this really interesting as when I was listening to him talk, combined with his body language, he seemed very confident and at ease. Transported into a data graphic, however, I would suggest that he was actually quite nervous and uncomfortable talking about the treatment.

Wordle: Transcription of an interview with a cancer surviver

Try creating your own and let me know if you find out anything interesting…


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Small fish in a big pond, trying to accept life on life's terms 'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' - Christopher Columbus
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