Playing with fire: An audio experiment

Fire + half naked woman = audio and visual extravaganza

I just uploaded a video on YouTube. It is an awesome fire-eater at the most recent Love Brunch event (day time clubbing) at Notting Hill’s Supper Club.

The online journalism lecture about technical equipment needed for mobile journalism slightly overwhelmed and baffled me, but it is definitely possible to keep it simple. I shot the video (post several champagnes) on a stills camera, so not too tricky.

Admittedly it is a video, not a piece of audio, but I thought it would make an interesting study… Having accidentally muted my computer I found myself watching the clip without sound. I then corrected my mistake and watched it with full sound and it really changed what I was looking at, and my ability to place the location. With sound you get a greater sense of the atmosphere…..

Anyway give it a go and see if you agree.


About Laura

Small fish in a big pond, trying to accept life on life's terms 'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' - Christopher Columbus
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