Keys and Gray get their marching orders

As many of you will know two Sky Sports football presenters Andy Gray and Richard Keys have been caught making sexist comments about a lineswoman at a match last weekend.

Immediately Sky issued an apology and suspended the presenters, who have fronted Sky Sport’s Football coverage for over 20 years, from their very popular show ‘Monday Night Football’. Sky had to scramble and got former Sky News presenter Dave Jones in.

As a student I don’t have the ‘wonders’ of sky but I can’t imagine it was great, considering it was filmed up in Bolton and not in the studio with the fancy set. Sky missed a chance in my view not to call on Jeff Stelling- the hero of ‘Soccer Saturday’ and er…countdown.

Anyway Im digressing. Now Karen Brady isn’t someone I’d usually agree with but in this instance she raises a valid point.The West Ham vice chairman suggested, ‘It almost makes it worse that they’re speaking when the microphones are not on as opposed to when they are on, because [they have] never really had the brass neck to say it publicly, they would only say it privately.”

Its disappointing to see men such as Keys and Gray making these sort of comments when the game is trying to will more girls/women to take part in the sport whether as a fan, officiating or playing.

For me Richard Keys is a highly overrated presenter and has been caught up in many faux pas’ before on and off screen, as the Daily Mail showed today on their website.

Above all in this fiasco, I would be devastated if Andy Gray lost his job. His commentary is hilarious, knowledgable and passionate. Yes he over uses the high tech analysis and speaks in clichés but his work perfecty accompanies a match.

I can’t help thinking Keys and Gray must be eating their words now as the lineswoman in question got a crucial call right in the game between Wolves and Liverpool!

Only time will tell to see if they survive on ‘Monday Night Football’ but this could be a gaff too far for Keys.

Should they go? Or do Keys and Gray have the right to their privacy?

Have a listen to some of their remarks below………

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