Walking the walk and talking the talk – podcasts of South London

Welcome to Greenwich from Way2Go Guides

By Ellie Buchdahl

Podcasts don’t just allow you to download music and IQ-boosting Radio 4 programmes. In the past few years, audio wizards from all walks of life have been cashing in on the opportunities provided by the iPod, from cookery courses to fitness trainers. Audio is allowing the Internet to become truly interactive.

This summer I took a journalist’s-eye-view of just one of these. While working for the “Pulse” arts and entertainments section on the South London Press, I joined other SLP journos Dan Frost and Paul Prowse to review some of the tourist guided audio walks of South London. Armed with a raincoat (“summer” in the loosest sense of the word, apparently) and of course my trusty pink iPod, I took on the historical streets south of the river, concentrating on two from our podcast selection – Vauxhall and Greenwich.

While some of the audio tours we looked at were a tad ropey, geared at very local interest, or pricier than you might expect, it was a great way to find out about the local area. I enjoyed having my own personal tourguide that I could stop and start at will and play back in the comfort of my computer chair when I sat down to write the article – useful for the moments when my attention had wandered along the route from yet another Victorian housing scheme in Vauxhall.

The article was for the main features page on Pulse, which is geared towards family activities. Our podcast walks feature was a bit of a twist to the usual summer round-up of museums and galleries.

Click on the link below to see our efforts. The article also has links to the websites of the guide companies, where you can hear extracts of the walks.

Audio walks of south london

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