The written word v the spoken word

When it comes down to it, what actually appeals more to people: Something they can read, or something they can listen to?

To provide an example of this, have a look at these two blogs:

1. Cynical Journalist, created by Joe Dyke, City University newspaper journalism MA student

Joe Dyke's daily review of the national press

 Joe summarises and comments on how national papers deal with stories, and what they lead with on the front page. It is a text blog, created using WordPress.

2. Marco Leitão Silva’s podcast blog of daily news. Marco is a City University postgraduate student and web journalist.


This blog has been created on Podomatic and is an audio account of the news.

Which is better?

There must be pros and cons to both. But must they work independently of one another, or can they work together?

The fusion of text and audio, or image and audio, does not necessarily form video. Is it a concept that has been largely overlooked in the rush toward the latest technology?


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Small fish in a big pond, trying to accept life on life's terms 'You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore' - Christopher Columbus
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One Response to The written word v the spoken word

  1. Joe Dyke says:

    Maybe me and Marco should get together!

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