Audio extremism

By Laura E Cox

Stabbed MP Stephen Timms was reported in The Telegraph on Thursday (4 November 2010) as calling for a “clampdown on websites hosting extremist videos” after his attacker, an al-Qaeda fanatic, was jailed for life.

Websites such as YouTube are said to be taking action to remove extremist content, after it emerged al-Qaeda have been using video hosting websites to recruit would-be-militants and spread their terror doctrines.

In today’s Sunday Times, however, it has been revealed that recordings of sermons are still widely available.

A Facebook group  provides links to recordings of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. The links no longer work – perhaps the content has been removed – but there is still a transcript available.

Topic: English transcript of the Audio recording of the 26/11 mumbai terror attacks

  • Extract from a transcript of the audio recording of the 26/11 mumbai terror attacks

    C: = Controller in Pakistan
    T: = Terrorist

  • 0:00
    C: You will be successful if you get shot by a bullet. Allah and heaven are waiting for you.
    T: Insha’Allah Insha’Allah (God willing God willing)

    C: Yes do it, Make them sit up, facing forwards, and shoot them on the back of the head.

    C: Your work should be such that the people should be afraid till Armageddon.

    C: OK, did you kill the man who was with you in the boat?
    T: Yes yes?
    C: The man who was on the boat, on the launch, did you kill him?
    T: Yes yes, we killed him.
    C: How did you kill him?
    T: We slit his throat. (The exact words refer to an Islamic ritual slitting of the throat)

    C: I mean that this is a fight between Islam and the non-believers, I mean, we are the people whom allah has chosen to protect our religion from the non-believers.

  • 0:51 Taj Palace Hotel
    C: In Bombay, many people are injured, many are dead, and they are saying that approximately fifty people are in the city. There is firing going on in the entire city (Laughing in the background), the whole city is on fire, people are dying.
    So, by the grace of Allah, Allah has given you a very important job, OK?

    T: Alhamdulillah (Praise to god)
    C: So my dear, at this time…

    C: Insha’Allah (God willing), allah has brought heaven very close to you, god willing.
    T: Insha’Allah (God willing)
    C: In reality, the whole world is watching you and will not forget you.

    C: Your work must be such that the whole world will get scared. (whole world will fear you)

    1:38 (Nariman House)
    C: But, as I was telling you, every one person that you kill here is equal to 50 that they kill there.

    1:42 Nariman House
    C: Don’t worry Jayna, just sit back and relax and, don’t worry and just wait for them to contact, OK?
    Hostage: Yes sir.
    C: And save your energy for good days yes? If they, if they contact right now, maybe you gonna, ah ah, you know, celebrate your Sabbath with your family.

    1:59 Oberoi Trident

    T (Fahadulla): As-Salāmu ‘Alaykum (Peace be upon you)
    C: Wa `Alaykum Salaam (and peace be upon you too), sir, how are you Fahadulla dear, is everything good?
    T (Fahadulla): Alhamdulillah (Praise to god), Brother Abdul Rehman has departed to god.
    C: Really? Is he near you?
    T (Fahadulla): Yes he’s close by.
    C: May god accept his martyrdom.
    T (Fahadulla): The room is on fire, if the media is transmitting this. I can see them through the bathroom windows.
    — (Fahadullah was hiding in the bathroom of one of the rooms of the Oberoi Trident hotel) —

    — grenade explosion —

    2:25 Oberoi Trident
    C: My dear, make sure that you do not get in a situation where you are arrested. (My dear, make sure that you are not arrested)
    T (Fahadulla): Insha’Allah Insha’Allah. (God willing god willing)

    2:35 Oberoi Trident
    C: Fahadulla, dear. Is there any possibility of fighting, that you could come out, get in front, throw a grenade, and try to get out of there. So that you can go forward.
    T (Fahadulla): I’ve already thrown both my grenades.


    C: Be brave my dear, don’t be afraid, Insha’Allah (God willing) if you get shot by a bullet, you will only be successful.
    T (Fahadulla): Yes sir.
    C: Allah and heaven are waiting for you.
    T (Fahadulla): Insha’Allah
    C: May allah protect you. Be brave my son.

    C: And please keep the phone in your pocket.

    –Grenade explosion – – beeping sound – Gunshots—

    C: Hey

    — Gunshots —



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